Best Things to see and do in Snowshill Cotswolds

Cotswolds Guide to Snowshill Village



The Cotswolds is a region in the West of England made of some of the most beautiful villages in the country. There are novels and stories and poems written about it and many famous people have holiday homes in this area. And for good reason.

Today I want to take you on a walk around one of my personal favorite villages in the Cotswolds. You don’t hear about it everywhere. You don’t see it all over Instagram. But its charm is like no other and it takes minutes to fall in love with it (and also to see it altogether).

Ideally, you visit the countryside by car, so you can drive and stop at any corner you want to and maybe take a photograph or two. But if you don’t own a car, you could get a bus to Broadway village, the nearest bigger village, and take the road on food, for about an hour or so. I promise you it’s so relaxing and beautiful and once you get to Snowshill, it is also so worth it.

Shall we see what exactly you can do in this quaint Cotswolds village?


Where to EAT + DRINK

Snowshill Arms

Whether you arrived by car or on foot, there’s only one place in the village you can get a bite at- the Snowshill Arms. It’s a traditional pub with homemade daily specials and a fantastic view of the medieval church. You simply can not and should not miss going inside. Nothing like a warm welcome from the locals and a few travelers, alike. during the warm season, the Manor house also has a cafe open, which is also a lovely treat.

snowshill arms, pub in the cotswolds countryside in snowshill village

What TO DO in Snowshill village

Walk around the village

The truth is, you can go all around the village in probably less than 10 minutes. And yet, we would highly recommend you do, because those would be the most magical 10 minutes of your life. If you live in a very large city, like London or anywhere abroad, visiting a village as quaint and small as Snowshill is but a rare experience and one you would treasure dearly. No hustle and bustle, no heavy traffic, not even a single shop to buy something.

There’s only one pub in the entire village to see a very friendly face, to fuel yourself with some good homemade food and a hot tea. It’s the kind of a quiet village we probably all dream of living in when we retire or maybe sooner, who knows? Mind you, it can get quite busy during the warm Summer weekends especially, because many travelers want to see its beauty. So try to avoid weekends if at all possible but it’s not really as imperative as other places are.

My first experience visiting this village was filled with giggles, amazement, and a bit of jumping of joy. It has quickly turn into a family favorite location for walks and a lot of fresh air.


Take photos with the red telephone box at Barnaba’s Church

Why is there a telephone box outside the church? No idea! Does it look like a postcard though? Absolutely! Should you take some photographs with it? You know you have to!

Are you familiar with Bridget Jones’ Diary movie? It’s such an English classic, full of charm and British humor. Well, you are officially stepping in the footsteps of Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger), as she came for a wedding in her parent’s village. IF you don’t know the movie reference, you are clearly too young – lucky you!

st barnabas church in snowshill cotswolds

Cotswolds Lavender Farm near Snowshill

If you want a bit of the French countryside charm, you can find that on the outskirts of Snowshill, in England, actually. Depending on the weather, the lavender would normally flower in mid-June, being harvested between late July and early August. Basically, you can visit the lavender fields for a short while, but worth a visit if you’re in the area. Tickets are normally around £4 for adults.


Snowshill Manor House

This is one of the 3 main attractions in Snowshill, beside the church and the pub. National Trust residence of an eccentric man, Charles Wade,  turned his house into a collection of very weird yet fascinating objects. You need to check the website for the opening times because it’s closed for a few months of the year. But what a treasure to find in such a small village! Oh, the stories told in this house.. wish I was an armor on the wall for some. Visit the place and you’ll understand more.

snowshill manor house in the cotswolds

Where to EAT + SLEEP

Snowshill Cottages

2 Glebe Cottages

Hill View Cottage 

Sheepscombe Byre

Apple Cottage

You can see all the options to sleep in Snowshill here.


Drive few minutes down the road to Broadway Village, for so many lovely options for your overnight stay. It would be a shame to miss visiting both locations, really.

The Lygon Arms Hotel

East House

The Lodge

The Broadway Hotel


Abbots Grange

Burhill Farm



Scenes from the English movie Bridget Jones’ Diary were filmed at St Barnabas Church in Snowshill! Pretty exciting!

visit st barnabas church bridget jones diary movie scenes filmed here


Broadway is definitely one of the most beautiful villages in North Cotswolds! Plenty of boutique shops, places to eat, and hotels to sleep in while visiting the area!


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