Best Things To See and Do in Bretforton, Cotswolds

Cotswolds Guide to Bretforton Village


One of the best parts about living in the Cotswolds is that you quickly learn about the less popular places to see, the hidden gems if you will. Such as Bretforton, a village of about 1,000 people, but one of a kind in my opinion.

Hence, it will always be on our list of places to visit in the Cotswolds, even if you only have a few hours for it. To be honest, you don’t really need more than that- this including your meal, too.

Without further ado, let us take you to Bretforton, a village we know by heart and which we got to love more and more. You may need your wellies for this, it can get muddy on a rainy day, but that much more charming!



Here you will find locally sourced delicious food, named Pub of the Year for many years. It’s definitely worth planning your lunch/dinner here – just book in advance if you can.

Since we moved to the Cotswolds, I learned (very quickly) that a good pub with great food can quickly put a village on the map, as the “go-to spot” in the area. We lived in London for many years and I never thought that pubs can have such an impact on the community. But after moving to the Cotswolds, it’s become part of the routine of going to the local pub for lunch. A bit like going to the cafe in Shoreditch, but you can get your wellies on and leave the skinny jeans home if you know what I mean.

I am afraid we’ll stop here with the recommendations since this is literally the only place in the village where you can have a sit-down dinner. But do have it on your list, people come from far away for a meal here. It is such an old and quirky place, a rare gem in the area.

What TO DO

Asparagus Festival

Yes, there is such a thing. It takes place in the Spring. Bretforton is quite famous for the many events the locals always organize. Whether that’s a play or an auction or the open gardens where you can see people’s well looked after gardens or, the Asparagus festival, of course. Simply do some research online and you will soon find out exactly when the event takes place. If the weather is good, it’s a day full of laughter, probably some free drinks and lots of asparagus dishes coming out of the pub. It’s quite a sight, and definitely not one to miss. 



The Coach House

The Coach House from Bretforton Manor – AirBnB published in CondeNast with a lovely pool + tennis court to use! You get to stay at one of the best Airbnb’s in the Cotswolds! 

Here, you will be greeted by an extremely friendly and lovely host, the owner of the manor. I’m pretty sure you can listen to plenty of stories about the village and its history if you ask.
You also get to walk on the grounds of the most beautiful manor house in Bretforton and its gorgeous gardens.

Chipping Campden

Near Bretforton, you have Chipping Campden, one of the most famous villages in the Cotswolds! Place you can sleep in here, are:

Eight Bells Inn

Brook Cottage

Woolmarket House

Cotswolds House Hotel & Spa

Charingworth Manor

Bantam Tea Rooms & Guest House




Minutes away by car, All things Wild offers hours of entertainment for young and older ones, too. Lots of wild animals you can even feed yourself. There is also a massive soft play area and a cafe to have lunch, of course. We highly recommend it for families who visit the area. It’s currently in Honeybourne but should move the location soon. Please check their website to be up to date with their program. 

Another thing you can do here is- you guessed it right- take some beautiful memories for yourself or with your family. We love meeting people from all over the world and introducing you to some of our favorite locations. We know a thing or two about this region and we can help you capture some beautiful memories!

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